Our Team

Meet Leo Johnson, a celebrated winter expert whose life-long passion for the coldest season has made him a beacon for those seeking to embrace and understand the myriad aspects of winter. Leo’s journey into the heart of winter began in his childhood, growing up where the snow painted the landscape for a significant part of the year. This early exposure to winter’s beauty and challenges sparked a curiosity that would shape his life’s work.

Leo’s expertise is not rooted in formal academic training but rather in decades of personal experience and self-guided study. He has traversed snowy peaks and icy plains, witnessed the mesmerizing dance of the northern lights, and participated in numerous winter solstice celebrations. His adventures have not only deepened his understanding of winter but have also connected him with communities and cultures for whom winter is a pivotal part of life.

What sets Leo apart is his ability to weave together practical advice with fascinating facts, making the wonders of winter accessible to everyone. He has a knack for demystifying the complexities of winter weather patterns, offering insights into the best ways to enjoy winter sports safely, and sharing tips on how to coexist harmoniously with winter wildlife. His guidance is a blend of science, tradition, and personal insight, aimed at helping people not just survive but thrive during the winter months.

Leo is particularly passionate about educating others on the significance of winter solstice celebrations, seeing them as a key to understanding human connections to the rhythms of nature. He believes that these celebrations offer a window into the cultural richness that winter brings to different parts of the world.

For those intrigued by the natural phenomena unique to winter, such as the northern lights, Leo provides a wealth of knowledge on where, when, and how to experience these wonders in all their glory. His guidance extends beyond mere observation, delving into the science behind these occurrences and their significance in various cultures.

Leo’s dedication to winter education is driven by a desire to share his love for the season and to encourage others to explore all that winter has to offer. He is a firm believer that knowledge and preparation can transform winter from a season to be endured into one to be celebrated. Through his work, Leo aims to dispel common misconceptions about winter, revealing the beauty, adventure, and tranquility that await those willing to embrace the chill.

Whether you’re a winter sports enthusiast looking to take your skills to the next level, a nature lover curious about winter wildlife, or someone seeking to experience the mystical allure of the northern lights, Leo Johnson is your guide to all things winter. His expertise and passion make him a trusted companion for anyone looking to explore the depth and breadth of the winter season.

Email: leo@bitingwinter.com